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Watch Face Trouble Shooting
If the watch face has not installed on your watch • be sure to check that all permission for the both the phone app and watch have been granted. To check permissions on the phone, go to the app's info (long-press the app's icon on your app drawer, drag it to the "App info" shortcut that appears at the top of the screen) and select permissions. Make sure everything is granted. Once all permissions have been granted, open the "Android Wear" app on your phone and select the watch settings (the gear icon in the top right corner) - press on your watch name (it should say "Connected" underneath it) - press "Resync apps". This should ensure that the watch face syncs over to your watch. Sometimes it can take a bit of time... If your watch is running Android Wear 1.5 or earlier, it can sometimes take up to 24-48 hours to transfer over to your watch. Unfortunately, it is Google Play that handles the app transfer so we have no control over this.
If all permissions have been granted and the watch face has yet to be installed on the watch • uninstall the app from the phone using Google Play and restart both the watch and the phone. After they have successfully restarted, install the app from the Google Play store and ensure all permissions are granted. It should take no more than 10 minutes to transfer over to your watch. Please be patient.
If the phone battery does not seem to sync • toggle the phone battery switch off and then on again, then press the "Sync to Watch" button. If that does not work, select a different watch face and then restart your phone and watch, once both have booted completely, select this watch face again and then open the app on the phone select your personal settings - press the sync button.
If the Step Counter does not work • the first step is to ensure you are signed into Google Fit on both your phone, and your watch. Once you have signed into both, in the watch face app, press on the menu button and press "Select Google Account". (Some watch face apps will not have this - it depends on the version). Once you have selected your Google account, grant access - (this is only done once). Your step counter should now show the correct number.
If the weather does not work, or displays incorrect data • the first thing to check is if your GPS is on and the Location and Storage permissions are granted - the weather does require your GPS as well as these permissions to work correctly. If these are all granted and it still does not work, toggle the weather off and on again, then press te "Sync to Watch" button. If that does not work, try the other weather service provider and see if that corrects the issue. If that still does not work, you can try to toggle back to the opposite provider; sometimes this will correct the issue. The weather should update automatically every 30 minutes.

With Android Wear 2.0, you can now use third party complications – so you can now use a different weather provider of your choosing. I would suggest AccuWeather or Brilliant Weather.
Complications are a huge new feature of Android Wear 2.0. They basically mean any app can choose to expose their data and you can display it on the watch face.

Here’s a great article that explains them a bit better: Complications

To use another weather provider, you will need to install the other app (AccuWeather or Brilliant Weather for example) – then under the Complications menu in your watch settings – select third party.
The Premium Settings are not transfering over to the watch • After you alter everything in the app on your phone for your personal preference, you must press the sync to watch button (the round floating action button on the bottom right that stays still when scrolling). This will then sync your settings to the watch.
The Premium Settings are not unlocked • Not a problem, simply swipe the app out from your recent apps, and restart the settings app. This should force the app to reset everything an unlock your Premium Settings. If this does not work, please contact me so I can help resolve your issue.
The second hand does not display on the launcher widget • The second hand is only supposed to display on a watch, not the widget on a phone. If it displayed on the widget, it would have to update once every second and it would drain your battery very quickly.
The launcher widget is not animating • The watch face is only supposed to animate on a watch, not the widget on a phone. If it animated on the widget, it would drain your battery very quickly.
The watch face does not install on my Samsung watch DeNitE! Watch Faces on Google Play are only designed for Android Wear watches, however, we do have some watch faces available on the Samsung Gear store. (Open the Samsung Gear App and click on Watch Faces - Scroll all the way to the bottom and click on More... Search for DeNitE! Appz to find all of our Samsung watch faces.) Samsung gear watches are actually not Android Wear watches – they run on Samsung’s own Operating System called Tizen. When you are searching for watch faces, be sure that they are compatible with Tizen.
The watch face is draining too much battery There are a lot of features included in DeNitE! Appz watch faces and if you are using all of the features, some battery drain is to be expected. If you would like to conserve your battery, I would suggest using the newly introduced Battery Saver mode. Battery Saver mode is basically a simple way to turn off all of the features that could possibly have higher than normal battery usage all at once. The Battery Saver switch will only display as "ON" when ALL of the associated features are tuned off, however, you can turn on or off each feature individually if you prefer.

Here is a list of features that are included:

Smooth Seconds • Turning Smooth Seconds & Animations off will definitely help save battery.
Ambient Mode • Select “Outline” or “Grayscale” mode to save some battery. (Outline mode is a huge battery saver).
Screen Awake Time • Setting this to “5” will really help save your battery.
Interactive Options • Interactive Options listen to touches on your watch face screen - so they have the potential to use a bit more battery.
Animations • Animations are a really attractive feature but they will definitely drain your battery faster.
Complications • Using all of the available complications will use your battery faster. You can turn off the complications just in Ambient Mode if you like.
Realistic Reflections • Realistic Reflections and Sparkles use the sensors on your watch - so they can potentially have higher than average battery usage.
If all else fails • I suggest uninstalling the watch face from your phone (this will uninstall it on your watch as well). Once it has been uninstalled, restart both your watch and your watch. Once they have both completely booted back up, install the watch face from the Play Store once again - This will completely wipe all app data and usually does the trick!
How to uninstall Android Wear 1.5 • Once you uninstall the app from your phone, it will also uninstall the watch face from your watch. Android Wear 2.0 • On your watch • Settings • Apps • select the app you would like to uninstall • Uninstall
Using Battery Notification
Persistant Notifications • Please be aware with Android Oreo, Google now requires developers to display a notification letting you know that we have a service running in the background - Google will also display a notification letting you know that the app is using battery. This is normal and does not mean that the app is draining battery, it is simply to make you aware that the app is running in the background. If you would like to understand these notifications a bit better, please read the following article: Oreo Notifications Explained

With DeNitE! Appz watch faces, a Service is required to run in the background to ensure the phone battery, step counter, weather and widget are up to date. If the Service is shut down, the watch face will not display the correct information.

If you would like to remove these notifications, it's very simple; just follow the instructions here: Disable Notifications
Or view this video that explains these notifications: Oreo Notifications
Android Wear 2.0
The watch face did not install on my watch • With Android Wear 2.0, app's don't install automatically on your watch anymore – you will need to download it from Google Play directly on your watch. Once you open Google Play (on your watch), you should see a section on the bottom called “Apps on your phone”. (Be sure the watch face is installed on your phone). You can then install it on your watch from here. If it is not listed, you can always search for the watch face and install it.